Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Who is at fault, Natures Fury or Human atrocity?

Land slide and flood in Munnar!

Land slide at Kunchithanni near Rajakadu; is indeed a natures fury and helplessness of human power void of concern and care. The recent landslides during the heavy monsoon in Kerala and especially in the hilly Idukki district may seen in two different perspectives. 1. Over hyped - attention grabbing media presentation and 2. The Ground Zero reality show.

There were two major landslide incidents that occurred simultaneous. At Cheeyappara on the NH 49 and at Kucnhithanni junction near Rajakkadu. 15 kms distance from Munnar. The entire media including print has given and hyped up coverage on the Cheeyappara landslide similar to Solar heat wave, where as the Kunchithanni incident that claimed lives as well as several houses and shops was sidelined. 

The tourism advisory board as well the media should give pro-active warnings to tourists and travelers about the monsoon season and the geography of the hill stations. It is untimely to give warnings after some major accidents. All the vendors as well as tourists should be warned with visible signs about the dangers  near water falls especially in heavy rains. There were some incidents where couple of resorts affected day to day operations, especially in the Pothmedu side of Munnar. Hope this will bring some positive criticism to the ill- planned approved designs on construction in the ecologically fragile Munnar. The Flood water at Old Munnar is also call for serious future planning on bridges and canals for Munnar. The Tourism fraternity also needs to voice out the concerns as it affects the entire fabric of the industry.

 Munnar and Thekkady is well connected to Madurai air port. The news about Kochi airport shut down is glorified where as other options are not show cased! Travelers should be suggested options. We should not make ourselves a mockery of poor disaster management situation.At present the roads are cleared and is motor-able. There is no Utarakhand situation that exists in Idukki district, media should play their role very discrete as any news that is published for public attention would create ripple effect to the tourism industry as a whole which is the only sustainable industry in Kerala after politics!?

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